What’s up with “Charlie Brown”?

No, I’m not talking about the cartoon character. I’m referring to Coldplay’s new song “Charlie Brown” from their album Mylo Xyloto. This is one of my favourite songs from the album. But what’s up with the video?

The video which released on Feb 3rd 2012 shows a bunch of teenage kids (‘kids’, because most of ‘em don’t even look old enough to be 16!) busting out a car and driving down to a club, where Coldplay’s performing. The people in the club are wearing Coldplay’s Mylo Xyloto neon bands and havin a mad time.
As if busting out a car wasn’t reckless enough for these kids, they later spray-paint it(someone else’s car mind you!) and light up fireworks in the background.

Now I get that Coldplay wanted to make a video that was different from their usual ones (which are filled with emotions and philosophical dramatics) but I fail to understand what they’re trying to convey in this one? Because all i get is heights of stupidity interspersed with traces of ideas of anarchy.

The only positive thing about the video is that it’s visually catchy! Gotta give them props for that.


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