Sun and Fun!

Morning everybody,

Hope everyone’s alive and kicking: P

Yesterday I woke up to a relatively sunny morning and the first thought that crept into my mind was to hit the beach!  So around 3:30 in the afternoon, my sis, bro and I decided to head to St.Kilda.
I hadn’t been to St.Kilda before but I had heard a lot about it from a couple of friends. One in particular loves to go there every other day. (Mark, if you’re reading, it’s you :] )

St. Kilda was the third beach I had been to in Melbourne. The previous two were South Melbourne and Frankston. Each one was completely different from the other.

South Melbourne Beach:

South Melbourne beach was quieter with not many water activities. But I found that a lot of people loved to come fishing here.
I also met a group of kids who loved to come here every day, to collect mussels from under water.  This was the perfect beach to go to, if you wanted some alone time or just to stretch your feet and relax.

Frankston Beach:

Frankston on the other hand, had a lot more going on. People enjoyed jet skiing, sailing, parasailing etc. But what attracts a large number of people are the Sand Sculptures. After four spectacular seasons of sand sculptures on the Waterfront, this year the entire sculpting team brought to ‘life’ in meticulous detail the magical world of “Toytopia”.


St.Kilda Beach:

What I noticed on reaching St.Kilda beach was that it was bustling with activity. There were people in huge numbers just lying on the beach (getting a tan of course!), groups of blokes enjoying their beer, chicas “attempting” to play beach ball, lovers enjoying their ice-cream cones together etc. The water was calm and cool which made it perfect for some to go skinny-dipping lol. There were the usual water sports too.
The beach also played host to the National Beach Volleyball series, which was a huge crowd-puller!


 Overall, for beach lovers like me, Melbourne has a lot to offer 🙂

Till my next post ,remember, Sun and Fun! Cheers


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