Love is in the Air !

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!

The most awaited day of the month has finally arrived!

This is the day when couples go crazy in love with candy hearts, roses, chocolates, cards, balloons, gifts, dinner dates and etc etc…

Then there are the singles (which includes me)! This is possibly one of the most dreaded days for us singles  (Our pride wouldn’t let us admit it though :P) Valentine’s Day is a reminder that some of us don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend to spend it with. Step-out and you’ll be suffocated with smell of romance in the air lol.

Normally, I would round up my other single friends and go clubbing but since that’s outta the question (believe it or not all of em have dates grrr), this time, I’m gonna be cooped up at home and spend the day with my “loved ones” .
NO, I’m not talking about my sis and jijaji ( they’ve got each other lol). I’m talking about Movies, Music and a hell lotta comfort food!

I’ve already chosen my movies of the day (they’re mostly old Hollywood movies) :

To Kill a Mockingbird
Out of the Past
Seven Year Itch
Roman Holiday

Maybe even some Johnny Depp movies. Oh yeah, Johnny Depp movies too for sure.

Now, I don’t wanna seem “anti-romantic” (cas that’s just petty) so I’m gonna listen all my favourite love songs, which I know will bring a lot of amazing memories.

Ahh and now for the best part! Food! Comfort Food! I began the day with a not-so-healthy breakfast by making some amazing Ambrosia Salad! It was just yummmm, even if I say so myself. Marshmallows, Fruits, Whipped Cream; what’s not to like! Later today i’m gonna stuff myself with cookies, ice-cream and chocolates!! (Damn that just means 3 hours of gym-time tomorrow!) Oh well, you gain some, you gotta lose some!

For those of you who want to try out a healthier approach, you could always spend some quality time with your family, friends or maybe even spend time with those who are in need of someone. It could be at an orphanage or an old-age home or even with that homeless person you see on the street. Even the slightest gestures would make them happy and it will you as well.

Whatever way you decide to spend the day / with whomever you choose to spend it with, make sure you make the best out of it and have an Awesome Valentine’s Day people! 😀

Gotta go have lunch now.



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