Making a New Day out of Thursday

Hello people,

Matthew here. How’s the first day of a new month treating you? Good, I hope.

You know, sometimes you come across those days where all you want to do is just get out of your house and roam around the city, just for the heck of it. Know what I mean? Well today was just that for me. And the weather outside complimented my plans perfectly. Okay it was 16 degrees but I loved it.

I woke up late this morning, because it was my day off from the gym, and made myself some delicious Ambrosia salad. I know it’s not the healthiest way to start the day but like I said today’s my day to indulge. I wasted the rest of the morning in front of my laptop, watching videos on YouTube, reading BBC news online and catching up with a few friends on Twitter. Around noon time my sister suggested that we go have Mexican for lunch (Yay!). So around 1 o clock we headed out to Mad Mex in Melbourne Central, to have some amazing Mexican food. We both go crazy over Mexican. I ordered the usual, Chicken Quesadilla (I LOVE their quesadilla’s) and my sis ordered Naked Burrito, which is yum too. We both finished eating rather quickly (cas we were super hungry) but we stayed at the food court for almost an hour chatting about ‘I can’t even remember what’.

My sis wanted to do a little clothes shopping after, so we hit a couple of stores but she ended up buying very little. No surprises there! Oh and one of the store ladies thought I was my sister’s boyfriend!! How do you react to that? LOL. After roaming around for a while, we decided to head home, but midway we changed our minds and went loafing in Exhibition St instead. I had been to a resto-pub here last night with a couple of friends. What a fun night it was! For some reason, at night, with all the stores and restaurants lit up, Exhibition St seems to me, an amalgamation between Paris and Broadway in NYC. Now that’s a beautiful combination in my opinion. Walking aimlessly, we reached a strikingly beautiful building surrounded by an even beautiful garden. Initially, we had no clue what building it was, but later we learnt that it was Exhibition Building. This building played host venue to many exhibitions held in the city since the year 1880. The garden is named Carlton Gardens. We decided to take a stroll in the garden. There were quite a few people even at this hour (say around 3:30pm-ish) either huddled on the benches or getting their daily dose of exercise by jogging and such. But what I found really interesting was the cute pond in a corner, filled with a lot of rather playful ducks. This reminded me of Central Park in Manhattan! I tell you; the similarity between Melbourne City and New York City is just uncanny.

It started to get chilly by now, so we decided to head back home. We walked through new routes taking in the beautiful sights the city had to offer. On our way, we stopped at a popular cafe called Pie Face.  I had a pecan pie while my sister settled for a mango smoothie. I sat across the glass window over-looking the road which was bustling with activity. Of course the noise was cut-off, which was a relief. Munching on my delicious pecan pie, I thought to myself that this would be the ideal place for me to come with my laptop, grab a cuppa and write my blog.  Before leaving, I ordered a Regular Chai Latte for the road.

After almost a 20 minute walk we reached home and I immediately sat down to type out ‘Making a New Day out of Thursday’.

I’m sure the day would’ve been a lot less interesting had I decided to stay home instead. So people, the next time you have the itch to go out loafing, I say, GET OUT!

Till my next post,

Cheers and have a great night ahead!


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