Photoshoot 2013

Hey there Sydneysiders,

Welcome back to another overt blog post.

Today has been quite a lethargic day for me. It’s 12:30 in the afternoon but it’s so cloudy outside that it makes it look like 7 am, which makes me quite sluggish. So I thought, today, I’d show a couple of pictures from my recent photo shoot instead of writing something.

The shoot was done two days ago with very minimal equipment. But frankly, it turned out better than I thought it would. So here’s a look at it…




These are just a couple of the photos out of almost 300 that were taken.It was a 5 hour long shoot with very uncooperative natural light and minimal equipment, but the end result sure made it worth it. Thanks to my photographer friend, DJ.

Well, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, this is already one big noisy post. So until I greet you next time with another post,

Have a fun weekend.Make sure not to get into too much trouble. And if you do, make sure to cover your tracks..
Bisous Bisous,

Happy Birthday Ziggy

Hey there Sydneysiders,

Today is a very special day in the history of music. It is the birthday of the one and only David Bowie. It’s hard to believe that he turns 66 today!


I distinctly remember the first time I was introduced to Bowie’s music. I was still in middle school and was at a friend’s place when he turned on ‘Space Oddity’ in his music system. To say that he was a huge David Bowie fan would be quite an understatement. He had about the largest collection of Bowie music and merchandise I had ever seen. And when I told him that I hadn’t listened to David Bowie before this, he was all but ready to disown me as friend ! We then sat together to listen to the entire David Bowie/Space Oddity album. And since then I’ve become a major fan too. Bowie is also the main reason for my love of Glam rock and Art Rock music.

A prolific star in the world of popular music, Bowie was seen as more than just a rock star.Many regarded him an innovator who constantly strove to reinvent his music. This creative reinvention also transcended to his relatively short-lived androgynous alter ego, Ziggy Stardust. Oh, how could anyone forget Ziggy! That was the first time I was introduced to the concept of androgyny. No ordinary person could pull off a look like that, but then again we all know that David Bowie is no ordinary person. Even though we live in the 21st century and claim to have evolved in our outlook and perceptions of life, a lot of us still would criticize(and some quite harshly unfortunately) if anyone were to dress up in something even remotely flamboyant. However, it was a whole different scene back in the 60s and 70s. It was the era of sexual liberation; a time that challenged the conventional norms of social and cultural behavior as well as sexuality and sexual relationships. And it was the perfect time for Bowie to unabashedly display his ‘over-the-top-in-your-face’ persona! No offence to my favorite actor Johnny Depp, but for me it was Ziggy who first made the eye-patch look cool.

Bowie went on to churn out a massive number of hits like “Heroes”, “Diamond Dogs and “Fame”, to name a few. He has sold an estimated 140 albums. Many music historians say that Bowie in fact created the glam rock genre.Many others go on to say that he brought a certain sophistication to rock music. At a time when not too much was changing in the rock scene, David Bowie came along and showed the audiences what it was to be an actual rock star. This earned him a huge cult following.

An avid lover of art and theatre, David Bowie also dipped his toes into acting. He has gone to do quite a few movies such as “The Man Who Fell To Earth“, “The Hunger” and “The Last Temptation of Christ” among others. One of my personal favorite David Bowie movies however is, Labyrinth, in which he plays the king of goblins named Jareth.

One would expect a man of such stardom and fame to still continue his avant-garde lifestyle, however such is not the case. David Bowie has become more of a recluse in recent days and lives his life doing regular things he loves like painting, spending time with family and occasionally visiting 20th century art museums. His image has also taken a dramatic change with his current fashion statement being sweatshirts and jeans!

Even though it’s been close to 10 years since Bowie has been spotted on the music scene, he is anything but forgotten. His music still continues to be listened by millions and he continues to inspire many other musicians such as Adam Lambert ,etc. And he will always continue to be one of my top favorite artists of all time!

A Very Happy 66th Birthday to you Sir David Bowie. And to Ziggy; have a kickass one!

Until my next post,
Bizou bizou,

Close to the real thing

Good morning Sydneysiders,

Ever have one of those days when you’ve woken up with a song stuck in your head? I have and quite often, at that. Most of the times they’re songs that put a huge smile across my face for the rest of the day. However, occasionally they’re the kind that makes me wonder what kind of playlist my brain listens to on Spotify when I’m asleep!
Thankfully, this morning I woke up with one of my favorite Marvin Gaye songs called “ Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing”. For those of you who haven’t listened to the song before, DO IT AS SOON AS YOU FINISH READING THIS POST!
Anyway, the first thing I did after getting out of bed was to listen to the song on YouTube. Once I finished listening to it for the fifth time, I noticed on the side a Beyonce & Justin Timberlake version of the song. Now, I’m usually not one to listen to a lot of covers but in this case I was actually very keen. I think Beyonce and Justin Timberlake are two amazingly gifted singers and performers of our time. And honestly, after watching the video I feel that they did complete justice to the song. But you don’t have to take my word for it, go ahead and check it out yourself.

What I like most about their performance is the fact that apart from increasing the tempo, they stayed true to the original from beginning till end, unlike many covers. I definitely feel that Beyonce and Justin make good singing partners and wish they would do more songs together. Although, I did hear that JT is working along with Beyonce on her upcoming album. But don’t quote me on that. I’ve watched their performance of Ain’t Nothing LikeThe Real Thing for the eighth time now and even though no cover would ever be as good as the real thing, this one is by far the closest.

Until I wake up with another blog piece in my head,
Bizou bizou,

And then I had chocolate

There’s always that one thing for every Tom, Dick and Harry/ Jane, Mary and Martha, that they absolutely cannot resist. And for me that’s, Chocolate!

Wakey wake everybody!
Is there anything better than a delicious bar of chocolate first thing in the morning?To me the answer is a big fat NO.

Welcome to another blog post, after a 9 month hiatus! Miss me?

I trust that everyone’s holidays went well, without ‘much’ drama. Oh and before I forget, Happy 2013 !

Since I left you, there have been a lot of major changes in my life. For starters, I’ve shifted my base to Sydney ! I’ve been here for almost half a year now and it has been crazier than ever! I met a lot of interesting people; some for keeps and some, well, not. In this short while I’ve also had to say a few goodbyes to a few good men(Yes, I did that ;)). And then, there’s the matters of the heart. Well let’s just say that it was a very long roller-coaster ride that finally came to a halt. A little wobbly at the moment, but I’ll be fine soon enough.
Throughout all of this, the one thing I was looking forward to was Christmas. And I had an absolute blast! Indulged in all the chocolate I could get my hands on, had a wonderful Turkey dinner (courtesy of my French friend, Nelly !) with some really nice people I’d like to call friends and I also had Eggnog after a long time!

Suffice to say that 2012 was certainly a journey that has taught me a lot. As I entered another year, I did take a moment to list the things I’m thankful for. I am thankful that no matter how difficult things get, old friendships can be rekindled. I’m also thankful for new relationships that help me realize how far I’ve come from who I used to be. But what I’m most thankful for is, how the world did not end, because I have some major plans for myself this year!

To think,I started the day off completely clueless about what to share with you after all these months. And then I had some chocolate…

Until the next post,
Bisou bisou,