Hey guys,

Greetings from your favorite sporadic blogger 🙂

So, as you all know, I’ve been vacationing in Melbourne for the past few weeks now. And I had actually planned to not post a blog during my holidays. However, something happened to me recently, that I thought was very random and hilarious, and I just had to share it with you.

It started out as a regular day; woke up, showered and fixed myself some yummy breakfast. Later that morning, I made plans to meet up with my friend Steph and her boyfriend Jake, for lunch and a bit of shopping.
After almost two hours of window shopping, our stomachs reminded us that they needed filling. So we headed towards the nearest Mad Mex (because we love our Mexican amigos).  Over our yummy Quesadillas, we talked about the most random things anyone could imagine. From Steph’s agony over Gossip Girl ending to the imaginary child of Britney and Eminem, to making Valentine’s Day plans!
*Side note:- If anyone can make coherence out of these, I applaud you!

The conversation then slowly steered towards jobs and I kept venting about the fact that I do not have one. Out of nowhere, Jake tells me that I should become a part-time hooker! Mind you, he is the second person to tell me this. Naturally, I laugh it off and try changing the subject. However, Steph decides to go along with the suggestion. She goes so far as to calling up someone she knows, who knows a lot about the business. Let me stress on the fact that they weren’t being the slightest bit discreet about this, in a public frikkin place! They get a hold of Mr.X (of course I’m not going to mention his name genius) and decide to put him on speaker, for the benefit of the entire restaurant! He asked me all sorts of uncomfortable yet hilarious questions like whether I wanted to be an independent hooker or part of an agency, my suggestions on stage names etc. At this point, almost everyone’s eyes were on us and I swear I could’ve choked on my food and died! I ended the conversation by saying that I would get back to him (As if !).
I still couldn’t fully believe that I had actually had one of these conversations with somebody.  After five minutes of cursing my beloved friends for trying to pimp me out, we got back to our food that was pretty cold by this point.

Moments later, a young, tall, blonde walks up to me, introduces herself and lets me know that she works as a showgirl by night. She then hands me a business card and says that her friend works in the adult industry and should I ever consider entering the field, to give her a call!
She then left the restaurant, leaving the three of us stupefied to say the least. Too uncomfortable to finish the rest of our meal, we quietly got up and proceeded to GET THE HELL OUT OF THERE!

Now you see why this post couldn’t wait!

Until my next bizarre incident,

Bisou bisou