From ‘Same’ with ‘Love’

Hey there fellow Sydney-siders,

I’m back with yet another post. I must be honest with you, I did not intend on writing a post today. I was planning on going out with a friend today because the weather is soooo good outside. However, my friend has a few errands to run before that and in the meantime I was just catching up on some daily news. That’s when I stumbled across an article that said that the issue of same-sex marriage in NSW is a step closer to being achievable. I think that’s fantastic news for the LGBTQ community here.
I strongly believe that everyone, and I mean everyone, has the right to share their love and life with that special someone and the fact that it is still a right that ‘needs to be fought for’ is quite saddening. And that’s where such news comes as a silver lining.

And as you’ve guessed this post is about same-sex marriage. Uhmmm No. I’ll save that for another post. As I was reading the article on same-sex marriage in NSW, I had the radio on and what song should come up but ‘Same Love by Macklemore’. Perfect timing I’d say! And that got me thinking about the acceptance of homosexuality in the music world. Until now, every male singer in the biz has sung his songs for the lovely ladies and every female singer has sung her songs for the handsome men, respectively. No-one, ever imagined there would come a time where singers would openly sing about acceptance of the LGBTQ community and furthermore openly gay singers would make videos of same-sex love.  I for one was doubtful that singers would ever dare to portray gay love in the music videos.

However, my doubts were soon put to rest when I found the two clips below:


 Watch “Young Love’ by Eli Lieb at


Watch ‘All American Boy’ by Steve Grand at

It is refreshing to see that young gay singers are finally stepping out into the limelight with music and music videos that depict their true self and feelings. Kudos to them! And kudos to the many supporters who’ve made it possible for them!

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Goodbye is but a temporary thing

Hey there charming people,

It’s been way too long. Trust you’ve all been good while I was gone.

Today’s post is quite bittersweet to me. To begin on a happy note; it feels great to write again after an awfully long break. Also, it’s a good friend’s birthday today and I’d like to give her an S/O:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLAVIE!!!” Can’t wait for tonight’s festivities Frenchy!

Ok, now onto the bitter part of the post; Last night, I had to say goodbye to my Spanish flatmate of 6 months. Fernando wasn’t just moving out of the apartment, he was travelling all the way back home to Spain, which made it even harder to say goodbye.
The people that know me very well know that I am the worst at saying goodbyes. It is the most awkward thing ever. You know the conversation you were having with the other person has come to an end and there’s nothing more left to say but that ‘dreaded word’, yet you don’t want to be the first to say it for the fear of seeming rude. Unfortunately, someone has to say it and once it’s said, you go your separate ways. It was no different last night. We talked about a lot of things, his first week in the apartment, our travel plans, crazy party stories and so on. Finally, we had the typical ‘bro-hug’, bid each other goodbye and went back to our rooms.
As I climbed into bed, I thought how hard it was going to be for me to do this with other friends of mine, who are in Sydney only for a short while. You find people who you can get along with on many levels, spend huge portions of your days with them, share insane stories and lame inside jokes and then one fine day it all comes to an end and one of you has to pack your bags and move miles away. It is unfair. And all you can do is assure each other that you’ll stay in touch and hopefully meet again soon.

I know I sound like downer today and wish I had a happy moral or solution to all those who have come across similar situations. All I can say is that when you travel miles away from your home, family and familiar surroundings and embark on a new journey, the friends that you make along the way become extended members of your family. Cherish each moment with them while it lasts and try to avoid unnecessary drama. If problems occur along the way, talk them out. If you’ve made mistakes, keep your egos aside and apologize for it will only make you a better person. And if the other person apologizes, learn to forgive and forget. This way, when the day comes to finally part ways, you can do so with a clear conscience and remember all the good things that you and your friends have shared.
Also, remember to keep in touch as much as you can. Who knows someday you just might end up meeting your friend in some corner of the world, for I strongly believe that goodbye is only but a temporary thing.

So until my next post,
You know what.